More than just a fashion

In todays age of important differentiation within individual medical specialties and the everlasting evolution of diagnostic- And OP-procedures, one can easily lose sight of the greater picture. However it is the foundation of the traditional (non operative) area of orthopaedicts.

“Holistic” simply means taking into account all static relevant parameters within the supportive structures such as bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles. Strong pains in one foot that lasted for a very long time will ultimately change your standing and walking behavior. Even a slight imbalance in the leg length can cause an unpleasant scoliosis. An uneven set of teeth after the insertion of dental implants can expand all the way into the Achilles‘ tendon through manipulation of muscle chains.

We are implementing the holistic approach in our diagnosics by:

  • Using an above average timeframe for the anamnesis and examination
  • Extensive and comprehensive diagnostics
  • Analysing your movement and posture with the help of most advanced examination procedures to date
  • Manual diagnostic and kinesiology
  • Teamwork with reliable and competent specialist partners
  • Interdisciplinary consultation-hours

Practice for posture- and movement-diagnostics, functional orthopaedics and prevention

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