Spinal inspection without the use of x-rays

The motion analysis-lab DIERS 4D motion® Lab is able to inspect the whole body from head to toe in only one measurement session. The precise representation in numbers and vivid graphics provide a reliable diagnosis basis for your physician. You as a patient will be abled to visualize your current health condition so that you can better understand the possible treatments for yourself. This increases the chances of successful treatment.


  • Complaints about spine and back (both for adults and children)
  • Pelvic obliquities and leg length differences for an exact correction measure, shoe compensations
  • Measuring and analysing the course of spine distortions (e.g. scoliosis)
  • Radiation free screening-method for kids and adolescents in growth spurts, as well as pregnant women
  • Adjusting and checking certain arch supports
  • Interdisciplinary interventions (orthopaedics, dental medicine/orthodontia, physiotherapy, orthopedics shoe engineering)

Practice for posture- and movement-diagnostics, functional orthopaedics and prevention

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