Dear Patients,

I am pleased to offer you a brief overview of my therapeutic approaches and my ideology.

Orthopaedicts Considering Holistic Perspectives

In the midst of ever intensifying specializations within individual fields and the ever faster evolving diagnostic- And OP-procedures, one can easily lose sight of the greater picture. Yet in the conservative area of orthopaedicts that we embrace, the greater picture is the foundation for a goal oriented and successful treatment.

With “Holistic“, we mean the consideration of all the relevant organs within the supportive structures such as: foot, knee, pelvis, spine, head and neck, jaw, eye. The result is a superordinated comprehensive therapy line, tailored to the relevant aspects of your condition, to be treated in a well-coordinated matter.

My dedicated team and I are keen to providing you individual, compassionate care, and wish you a successful & effective treatment.

Your Dr. Andreas Venninger

Practice for posture- and movement-diagnostics, functional orthopaedics and prevention

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